30 Day Writing Challenge

This past month has been nothing but school, so I’ve been lacking in the blog department. There, I said it, I’m guilty. To help put me back into business, I’ve decided to do a 30 day writing challenge for Life, Entirely. You’re welcome to join the bandwagon if you’d like!

Here is the original post I had found on Pinterest that inspired me.

30 Day Writing Challenge

  1. List 10 things that make you really happy.
  2. Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.
  3. What are your top 3 pet peeves?
  4. Write about someone who inspires you.
  5. List five places you want to visit.
  6. Five ways to win your heart.
  7. List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.
  8. Share something you struggle with.
  9. Post some words of wisdom that speak to you.
  10. Write about something for which you feel strongly.
  11. Something you always think, “What if …” about.
  12. Write about five blessings in your life.
  13. What are you excited about?
  14. Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.
  15. Bullet-point your whole day.
  16. Something that you miss.
  17. Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.
  18. Post 30 facts about yourself.
  19. Discuss your first love.
  20. Post about three celebrity crushes.
  21. What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?
  22. Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.
  23. A letter to someone, anyone.
  24. Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.
  25. Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.
  26. Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.
  27. Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now.
  28. Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud.
  29. What are your goals for the next 30 days?
  30. Your highs and lows for the month.

As always, thank you so much for reading, as well as showing interest in my blog! It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it. What do you always think, “What if …” about? Let me know if there is also anything you’d like to comment on in the comment box!

Lots of love,



2019 Wishes and Resolutions

We all know the saying, “New Year, new me.” I, for one, like the idea of people taking the opportunity to find ways to better themselves and making goals in general. I also like the idea of having a fresh start. But, I don’t like how a lot of people end up quitting after barely starting. I like achieving my goals and the feeling I get afterwards. I’m not saying I achieve every single one, though. I have quit on myself multiple times in different situations. No one’s perfect. I just think that with the right amount of push and desire to get something done, it can happen. We just have to believe that we are enough for it, even though many times it is hard to keep pushing.

So, here’s the part where I tell you my 2019 resolutions. My first one is hard for me to admit because it’s one of those stereotypical New Years resolutions that most people give up on after a few weeks. I don’t want to be that statistic. I want to prove to myself and everyone that I can do it and keep doing it because I enjoy every moment. Here goes:

1. Work Out

New Workout Clothes

I’ve tried this one time and time again. After about two weeks, every time the result was that I gave up out of pure laziness. I’m tired of quitting and now working harder for it than ever before. Since the beginning of December of 2018, George and I have been going to the gym together. Back then, we tried to go every other day, like 3 days a week. We didn’t really monitor our calories or protein intake and didn’t always go everyday that we were supposed to. We were also limited to our workouts because we went to makeshift temporary gym at our apartment complex as they built the new clubhouse. A lot of necessary weights were missing and eventually, some of the machines’ parts broke/stopped working. 4 weeks of that gym and we were sick of it. So, we recently made the decision to sign up at our local public gym called Youfit. We checked it out a few days ago to check if there was everything that we needed, and it had just about all of it, so we signed up. Well, George did. He got the Lime Card, which is the more advanced membership that has access to everything and he can bring in a guest every time, which would be me. I don’t like the timing of it, because now we look like everyone who made this as their resolution and just signed up for a membership because of it. We’ve just been wanting to work out to work out, not because of a resolution. Also, we desperately needed a better gym. I’m making this a resolution now because I want to keep doing it. We also dedicated ourselves to working out 6 days a week, instead of the 3. It is more rigorous, but we have our own goals that we really want. We also started to be more cautious in our daily intake with our macronutrients, which brings me to the next one.

2. Tracking Macros

Bagel w/ Jelly

George and I have starting drinking pre workout before going to the gym and protein shakes afterwards. Personally, I enjoy the tastes of them and don’t mind drinking them, but George isn’t too fond of their tastes. We had the idea to research how much protein we need now that we’ll be working out almost everyday of the week and also how many calories and grams of carbs and fat specifically for our bodies and with this increase in activity. My intake should be about 1700 cals daily on my workout days (about an hour of workouts) and 1400 on my inactive/rest days. It’s a big jump and my body still isn’t used to eat so much now, so I’ve been slowly training it this week as my metabolism increases. I just want to keep doing this to make sure I’m treating my body correctly for the amount of exercise I’ll be doing for hopefully at least the next 3 months. And of course, George is doing it for the same reasons.

3. STUDY!!

This upcoming semester is going to be the toughest one yet, as far as pre-Nursing goes. My best friend Taisha (also a Nursing student) and I have made a promise to each other to push/motivate each other to stay on top of our studies. We built the exact same schedule with the same professors so that we could help each other study. We plan to form study groups and keep it together throughout the whole semester. We are both exited and nervous to continue on this journey together. Now, I really hope that we can motivate each other enough to last the semester and at the same time, working out around our school/study schedule. I even purchased this planner from Walmart, about $8. I shouldn’t have any excuses because I’m still not working, especially not with this semester. And I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to have the time and focus for school now considering that I’ve had no other choice every other semester to work. Which gives me even more of a reason to not have any excuses for studying and focusing on school this semester.

4. Writing & Posting

I created this blog almost a month ago and I’m enjoying writing more. I want to make it a goal to progress my blog and write more frequently to make it fully active. I also want to grow and expand my follower/view count. So far, it has been a slow process. I currently only have 18 followers. My goal is to have at least 100 at least by the end of 2019. I think that is a fair enough amount with a long stretch of time to reach it.

5. Photography

This past Christmas, I treated myself to buying an Instax Mini camera, one that I’ve been wanting for several years now. I finally got to opportunity to spend money on myself and I got something that I’ve always wanted, and I’m so happy. I want to go back into photography. I miss taking shots of ordinary things and turning them into something beautiful. It’s obviously not a fancy DSLR camera, but it’s something. I can start off small and take casual photos with/of my friends with this for awhile until I am able to get a nice DSLR one day, but that’s another dream.

6. Time Management

Last Fall, I actually did a pretty good job of time management with school, studying, and work. But as my hours of work increased, I had less time with everything else. I started making excuses and kept wanting more breaks at home instead of studying as often as I should have. This ultimately left me to stop working and go back to focus on what was more important. The good news is that I know I can do it. I can manage time. I want to make it a goal this year to do better and become smarter at it. I’m going to need a lot more of it with this harder semester coming and with everything else that I want to keep as a goal.

As always, thank you so much for reading, as well as showing interest in my blog! It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it. What do you always think, “What if …” about? Let me know if there is also anything you’d like to comment on in the comment box!

Lots of love,


This Christmas

George and I spent this Christmas weekend with his family, since they came up to visit. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile to be honest. And let me just say, there were almost as many dogs as there were humans.


Let’s start with Thursday night. Thursday was supposed to be spent by George and I baking pies, cookies, and working out. Instead, that day went horribly wrong; everything just kept taking a turn for the worst. We ended up sleeping in a little too late because we stayed up really late the night before. We went to the store to get everything we needed and when we got back home, we ended up taking a nap. By the time we got to even peeling the applies for the pies, it was already getting late and the sun was going down. When it was time to make the pie crust, the dough kept sticking to the rolling pin, so it just kept making holes. The lattice, however, was the trickiest part. Picking one up to criss cross the pies without it breaking in half took skill. Overall, we probably spent twice as much as we should have. For the pecan pies, they were pretty quick and simple to prepare compared to the apple pies, which we should’ve just started with from the beginning. Next were the cookies, which I made as George wrapped a bunch of Christmas gifts in the other room. I made 4 batches of chocolate chip and M&M cookies. The reason why we made so many pies and cookies was because George had to bring in 2 pies to work and his sister Sarah had to bring in cookies to work also. Half of the pies and cookies were also meant to be shared with their family over the weekend. By the time everything was finished and it was time for us to go to bed, it was already 3 AM.


Before everyone came over on Friday, I spent the day sleeping in more and I made the last pie to bring at night. I took way too long to get ready and then after George and Sarah got off work, we went to Publix to get food for Saturday morning. We got back just in time to meet their family and we all went out to eat at The Grub to celebrate George’s brother’s birthday (Peter). I also brought in the apple pie we made to give him for his birthday. And yes, it tasted delicious.


Everyone woke up bright and early Saturday morning, ready for our big brunch. This time Brian (Sarah’s fiancé) was with us. The dogs were energized and played all morning. There was even this one moment where they were all lined up, but Peter’s dog Gordon messed it up.

George and Sarah made chipped beef, bacon, english muffins, and chocolate chip pancakes. Now, I’ve never had chipped beef before or ever heard of it until just recently, but it was actually really good. And I probably should’ve eaten less bacon, but who’s counting. Everyone also blamed Sarah for running out of water. We proceeded the day by opening up Christmas gifts. (I know, it was a little early for it since Christmas is still 2 day away, but with family, who cares if we have an early Christmas). Before that, George and I surprised everyone by changing into our onesies.

Opening all of our gifts was the funnest part of this weekend. There was just so much appreciation and happiness in the air. There were multiple gifts that some of us really did not have to get considering their prices, but we didn’t care; definitely worth it.

Even the dogs got gifts! Here’s Riley modeling his Adidas hoodie.

After the fun was over, we walked the dogs to the dog park in our neighborhood. This part was also fun for me. We got to wear/use some of our Christmas gifts while watching the dogs play and run around.

When we went back to Sarah’s we all split up to get ready for dinner. Sarah and Brian stayed at their place to start cooking the ham, George and I walked over to our place to get ready and bring the pecan pie (after going to Target to get 2 extra Nintendo controlers and new shoes with Peter), and their parents went to change and bring some extra food to make for dinner. When we all went back to Sarah’s, Peter, Brian, George, and I set up the Nintendo Switch that I got for George and we began to play Smash Ultimate. Riley was exhausted and laid on the couch among us, with Robin literally sitting on him for awhile.

After dinner, we played a few rounds of this game called Wolverine that Peter had introduced to us. This was another fun moment to remember before the night ended. Everyone grew exhausted and we split ways after Peter officially left with Gordon to go home.


Sunday has been nothing but sleeping in, writing, and playing Smash for me. I missed the chance to say goodbye to George’s parents and their dog Delilah before they left to go back to Fort Myers. Looking back at the past couple days, I’d say this Christmas has been one for the books.

P.S. George, I plan on making more fun and happy memories like these for the holidays to come 🙂

P.P.S. Delilah was sleeping on Sarah and Brian’s couch for the majority of the time.

As always, thank you so much for reading, as well as showing interest in my blog! It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it. What do you always think, “What if …” about? Let me know if there is also anything you’d like to comment on in the comment box!

Lots of love,