‘Tis the Season to be Frosty

This season, let us exhale the stress of these past few months, and inhale this long-needed winter break. Of course, the best way to spend winter break is with your loved ones and doing all things Christmas related. My boyfriend (George) and I built a gingerbread house together with the company of his sister and her fiancé (Sarah and Brian).

Building the gingerbread house was both fun and frustrating. Mind you, I haven’t made one since the 1st grade till a few days ago. The annoying part of it was the icing not settling completely to hold everything and it also failing to defy gravity. Seriously, you should see the poor gingerbread man’s face. Every other aspect though, was perfect. This was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The gingerbread man had experienced a traumatic event and lost his arm in the packaging, but I saved it and safely reattached his arm with the magic of icing. His face, however is a little overdone, but I’d say he’s more handsome than ever. As it turns out, we’re excellent gingerbread-house-making experts! With a little love and creativity, we completed this masterpiece. Also, if you’re wondering what movie we were watching in the background, it was “Elf,” a funny and classic Christmas movie.

Something else that we did that weekend was buy a sheep suit for Robin, our girl dog. It was pretty difficult that first because she kept trying to escape, but we did it. I present to you, Robin the Sheep Dog. (Don’t say it doesn’t make you smile).

These are the kind of activities I enjoy doing. The sweet, little, simple pleasures. They’re what keep me sane at insane times. Without the simple pleasures in life, I think the world would be a little more mad. Some other sweet things I’d like to incorporate into the next couple weeks, as we get closer to Christmas, include having hot chocolate dates and Christmas movie nights with my friends, decorating a little more around the apartment, purchasing last minute Christmas gifts, candlelit nights and having a wonderful Christmas time with family.

As always, thank you so much for reading, as well as showing interest in my blog! It means a lot to me and I appreciate it. What winter activities do you enjoy doing? Let me know if there is also anything you’d like to comment on in the comment box below!

Lots of love,



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